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The TEEP 2019 EBOOK GUIDE is an extremely detailed, 186-page guide. It provides extra examples and advice for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) application for 2019. The application is very important and everyone is advised to give it a try. Apart from the known benefits that come with it, the application is also a great way to think and work through your business. It forces you to give real answers to important questions that will impact your business. This is very useful for even established businesses and entrepreneurs. It also prepares you for futures business grants from different organizations. Business grants are generally difficult to apply for, and it is even more difficult to get selected. Added to the Ebook guide are some other important ebooks on business plan and entrepreneurship in general.


The goal of the TEF 2019 Ebook Guide is to guide you through the TEF 2019 application. Our aim is to help you understand what we think the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) is looking for and how to meet up to it.

This guide was written out of the need to help a lot of people go through the application process. Most people find the application difficult and confusing because of some unfamiliar questions they may encounter. As a result, a lot of people give up on the application and lose a chance to be one of its beneficiaries.

After a few years of research and interviews with TEF winners (TEF entrepreneurs), we decided to come up with the TeepGuide initiative. The aim is to guide thousands of people through the application process. We want to aid their success.

Because of the competitive nature of the program, given the high number of applicants, a lot of people need to stand out. This guide helps them stand out from the crowd.

Our hope is that by reading this guide, you can make a better and more articulated application. We believe that people who read this guide will avoid mistakes, pitfalls, stress and time waste. These are very common with applications of this caliber. You stand to give yourself a better chance of success! Like most applications of its kind, the TEEP is a not an easy one but making an application is worth giving a shot and the process helps you discover a lot, even if you don’t get selected.


To get the guide, call the TEEPGUIDE team on 08132229844 or 09097522351. You can also send a WhatsApp message to +2348132229844 or send an email to teepguide@gmail.com. The E-book is available at a token price of N2000 ($USD8).

You can also call us if you need a website for your business or you need quick aid with business registration or any advice at all. We are affiliated with web developers and business registration agents.


TEF 2018 E-book Guide has a lot of examples and some case studies. Use them as an inspiration, guide or example. Adapt them to suit your unique business situation. Be creative!


Last year (2018), about 13 people who used our guide got selected. That’s a welcome development considering that the TEF success rate is less than 3%. We want to increase it to 50 this year. Our online articles also helped even more people to succeed at TEF 2018.

We believe 2019 will be much better and we are ready to crowd-support each other through our chat groups and forum. We believe we can record more success in 2019. 50 is our target and we hope that this guide will help us achieve the target.

Note: Please note that the TeepGuide Team is not in any way affiliated to the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF). The aim of the TeepGuide project is to guide people in applying for the TEEP programme.

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