TEF 2019 Application Guide With Case Studies And Advice (Part 5)

TEF 2019 Application Guide: How To Apply For The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) Program, TEF 2019, Part 5.


TEF 2019 Application Cont’d.

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Business impact: Describe what impact your business will have within your community, country for job creation, revenue generation of social development (200 words)


For example, some of the impacts may include;

i. Job Creation:

Direct and/or indirect job creation and employment

ii. Local Suppliers:

When a business has suppliers from a community, state or country, it serves as a support to the supplier’s business and it creates a multiplier effect in the economy. A company that patronizes rural suppliers will also create a big impact because they support rural wealth creation.

iii. Environmental impact:

This applies to you if you do business in a way that positively affects the environment.

See an example from the TEF 2019 E-book Guide below

The business would be environmentally conscious and will not deplete the environment in any way. The business plans to start using solar energy for its electricity once it becomes profitable. We also plan to reduce paper usage by 90% by our fourth year of business.”

 Corporate Social Responsibility:

If your business has a plan for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), write about it because it is a business impact.

Sample from the TEF 2019 E-book Guide;

“Our Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) focuses on empowering women. We believe that when women are empowered, the entire country is empowered. A percentage of our earning will be used for this purpose.”

v. Consciousness of business activities:

The company would be conscious of the consequences of business activities on society such as health, education, and community cohesion. Create room in your business for societal impact and empowerment.

vii Tax Payment:

The business will pay tax which will be a source of revenue to the government.

viii. Export Promotion:

You could add that your business will export goods outside your country or African if that is likely. It scores a big point because the government is passionate about export promotion and generally encourage and support businesses that bring in foreign exchange via exports. Some governments even give pioneer status (tax-free operation for a long period of time) to businesses that have export potential.

tef 2019
The announcement of the TEF 2018 winners last year, 2018.

Impact of Program: How do you intend to leverage the benefits of the program to improve your business? (200 words).

The TEF Program has 7 pillars which come with their benefits. Check the TEF 2019 E-BOOK GUIDE for details and examples

Challenges: What are the top 3 challenges you face in operating or launching your business? (50 words).


Examples of challenges: You can choose from any of these;

i. Insufficient funding

ii. Securing a license e.g. NAFDAC, SON, etc.

iii. Securing land (for agriculture)

iv. Finding the right employees/staff

v. Managing cash flow, etc.

Aim and objectives: Explain briefly what you hope to achieve from participating in the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (200 words).

What do you hope to achieve from the program, fill in as it relates to your business? Check the TEF 2019 E-BOOK GUIDE for details and examples

Business skill: What business skills do you most need to learn about?

Select the skill that you need the most.

After this Save and continue.

The TEF target


Time availability: If accepted into the programme will you work full time on this business/idea?

Please tick YES.

Do your business partners or other business proprietors consent to your participation in the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme? YES/NO.

Please tick YES.

What does Africapitalism mean to you? (200 words)

You can check the TEF 2019 E-BOOK GUIDE for this question or check this link.

Is there any additional information you wish to share to support your application? Please do so in a video link. (Video must be under 5 minutes long)

If you have some time and energy, do more by creating a less than five minutes of video, upload it on YouTube and share the link in the box provided.

How did you hear about the TEF Connect?

Select one option from the list.

Referees: Please provide details of two character and/or professional referee.

Fill in the data for the referee as it applies.

This is the final section, save and move to the next page to preview your application, after going through your application, submit! Good Luck.

WANT MORE? Check the TEF 2019 E-BOOK GUIDE. It is a more detailed guide with various examples and extra guide.

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