TEEP 2018 Application Guide With Answers And Advice (Part 5)

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TEEP 2018 Application Guide With Answers And Advice
TEEP 2018 Application


a. Business impact: Describe what impact your business will have within your community, country for job creation, revenue generation of social development (200 words)

Some of the impacts will include;

  1. Direct and/or indirect job creation and employment
  2. If they have supplies, then it helping their business
  3. “The business will conduct its affairs in a way that helps the environment”.

The business would be environmentally conscious and will not deplete the environment in any way. The business plans to start using solar energy for its electricity once it becomes profitable. We also plan to cut paper usage by 90% by our fourth year of business.”

  1. “Our Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) focuses on empowering women. We believe that when we empower women, we empower the country. We will use a percentage of our earnings for this purpose.”
  2. The company would be conscious of the consequences of business activities on society such as health, education, and community cohesion.
  3. The business will pay tax which will be a source of revenue to the government.
  4. You could add that your business will export goods outside your country or African if that is likely. It scores a big point.
  5. Create room in your business for societal impact and empowerment.

b. Impact of Program: How do you intend to leverage the benefits of the program to improve your business? (200 words).

The TEEP Program has 7 pillars which come with their benefits.

In summary, the & pillars of the TEF programme are


Benefits of the 7 Pillars of TEF

The combination of all of TEF’s modalities; the online live-learning support, web mentoring, immersive boot camp, resource library, global entrepreneurship forum, seed funding and membership of the alumni network provides a unique system of intensive and effective support for the start-ups. The end outcome being strong viable businesses, which go on to create new jobs, more new revenue and ultimately enlarge Africa’s private business sector.

Learn more here. 

Check the TEEP 2018 E-BOOK GUIDE for details and examples

C. Challenges: What are the top 3 challenges you face in operating or launching your business? (50 words).

Examples of challenges: You can choose from any of these;

i. Insufficient funding

ii. Securing a license e.g. NAFDAC, SON, etc.

iii. Securing land (for agriculture)

iv. Finding the right employees/staff

v. Managing cash flow, etc.

d. Aim and objectives: Explain briefly what you hope to achieve from participating in the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme (200 words).

What do you hope to achieve from the program, fill in as it relates to your business?

e. Business skill: What business skills do you most need to learn about?

Select as it suits you. Select as much as possible.

After this save and continue.


a. Time availability: If accepted into the programme will you work full time on this business/idea?

Please tick YES.

b. Previous Accelerator: Have you taken part in any entrepreneurship programme/accelerator programme or received any angel investment/grant in the past year? YES/NO.

Indicate as it applies. Note that a YES may limit your chances but please be honest.

c. Referees: Please provide details of two character and/or professional referee.

Fill in the data for the referee as it applies.

This is the last section, save and move to the next page to preview your application, after going through your application, submit! Good Luck.

WANT MORE? Check the TEEP 2018 E-BOOK GUIDE. It is a more detailed guide with various examples and extra guide.

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