TEEP 2018 Application Guide With Answers And Advice (Part 1)

TEEP 2018 Application Guide: How To Apply For The Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, TEEP 2018

TEEP 2018 Application
The TEEP 2018 Application guide is a very useful guide for any TEF applicant. Applying for the TEEP program is difficult for a first-timer. Getting selected is far more difficult. It is easier to get admitted to a big University than being selected as a beneficiary.
The TEEP 2018 Application Guide is meant to help applicants for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship program, TEEP 2018. This guide contains a long list of the questions asked and their respective answers with some advice that follows. The application is a great way to think through your business. It forces you to give real answers to important questions that will impact your business which is useful even for established businesses. For an extremely detailed guide with real-life examples ready-made application, click here for the TEEP 2018 Ebook Guide. To begin your TEEP 2018 Application, go to the application page here to sign up if you don’t have an account.  After creating your account, log-in to begin your application.
From 2019, the TEF Programme will receive applications only through the Tefconnect portal. If you have registered with the previous portal before but can’t log-in to the present portal, do a password reset. An email will be sent to you to change your password afterward. You can log-in after the password reset.
There are 11 sections for the application that has several question between them. They are as follows
  1. Personal information
  2. Contact details
  3. Educational information
  4. Social media information
  5. Business profile part 1
  6. Business Profile Part 2
  7. Company Structure
  8. Market Potential
  9. Financial Information
  10.  Business Impact
  11.  Attestation.
After these sections, you can submit your application. The questions in these sections are very detailed, cumbersome and elaborate. A lot of people find them difficult and give up on the application as a result. This the reason for the TEEP 2018 application Guide and the TEEP 2018 E-BOOK Guide. The TEEP 2018 Application Guide would treat each of the sections in details. All the questions would be clearly answered and a lot of advise would be given. The TEEP answering the d questions, giving extra advice and providing real-life applications and examples for various industries. Up to 10 different instances are created.


The personal information section is very straight-forward and easy. Fill in your Title, Surname, First Name, Middle Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Language and Gender. Save and proceed to the next section.


In this section, you fill in your contact details as follows; Home Address, Street Address, Country, State/Province/region, city/town, postal code, Mobile number, Emailand Skype ID. Advice: Click here to create a Skype ID. Note that adding a Skype ID is optional but may improve your chances of making it. After this section, save and move to the next section.


Here is where to enter the details of your formal education. you are required to fill in your Highest Level of Education achieved and the Major/primary Area of study. you must add up to three (3) areas of study. Advice: If you don’t have a higher (university, Polytechnic or College of Education, etc.) education, choose three areas you are most conversant with. Save and move to the next section


In this section, you are required to enter your social media Information. These include the profile ID to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The profile ID is Simply the unique usernames for your social media account. it should be your username and not mere personal name. When clicked, it should lead to your profile. Please endeavor to make your LinkedIn profile great. It counts. The TEEP 2018 Application Guide recommends that you enter as many accounts as possible, especially LinkedIn. Save and move to the next section.


In this section, you enter Business/Company Name, Street Address of the Business, State/Province/Region of the Business, City/Town of the Business, Postal Code of the City/Town, the Business Website and then some important questions below. Advice: Filling in a website is not compulsory but the TEEP 2018 Application Guide recommends it. Send us an email on Teepguide@gmail.com or call us on 0813229844 if you need a business website within 10 days. We are affiliated with Web Developers and business registration lawyers and agents. Click here to view the next page >>> (Part 2)

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