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The goal of the TeepGuide is to guide you through the TEF application. Our aim is to help you understand what we think the TonyElumelu (TEF) is looking for and how to meet up with it.

This guide was written out of the need to help a lot of people to go through the application process. Most people find the application process difficult and are confused on how to go about it. As a result, a lot of people give up on the application and loose a chance to be one of its beneficiaries.

After many years of research and interviews with TEF winners (TEF Entrepreneurs), we decided to come up with the TeepGuide initiative to guide thousands of people through the application process.

Also, due to the competitive nature of the program, given the high number of applicants, a lot of people need to stand out. This guide helps them stand out from the crowd.

Our hope is that by reading this guide, you can make a better and more articulated application. We believe that people who read this guide will avoid mistakes, pitfalls, stress and time-waste which is common with applications of this caliber. You stand to give yourself a better chance of success! As most applications of its kind, the TEEP is not an easy one but making an application is worth giving a shot and the process helps you discover a lot about your business.

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